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2022-06-16 14:56:09 By : Ms. sunny xing

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Gutter maintenance is an important part of homeownership, but it’s also a major hassle. Luckily, you can invest in gutter guards to reduce the time you have to spend cleaning out your gutters. These guards, sometimes called gutter covers, block debris from entering your gutters and prevent buildup.

One of the most popular gutter guard brands is LeafFilter. To determine if its services live up to its reputation, we at the Home Media reviews team conducted extensive research on the best gutter guards available. We closely analyzed eight of the top providers’ warranties and product specifications, read more than 500 customer reviews and compared our findings to LeafFilter’s offerings. This review covers LeafFilter’s gutter guard specifications, cost and additional services.

Below are some of LeafFilter’s key benefits and drawbacks.

​​+ Includes a lifetime, transferable warranty

​​+ Offers additional services for gutter installation and replacement 

– Faces a pending lawsuit related to misleading sales tactics

We reached out to LeafFilter for a comment on the lawsuit, which alleges that LeafFilter claims its products do not require cleaning when they do. The company did not respond to our inquiry. We still view LeafFilter as an excellent gutter guard service as these issues are common with gutter guards. Consumers should know that gutter guards do not eliminate the need for cleaning entirely; the product simply makes it so cleaning is easier and required less frequently. LeafFilter’s micro-mesh gutter guards are also backed by a solid warranty. 

* LeafFilter is not available in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota.

LeafFilter’s gutter guards are made of tightly compacted, surgical-grade stainless steel micro-mesh. The guards use surface tension and feature a built-in pitch so that as water passes through, the angle pushes debris off. This design keeps rainwater flowing through your gutters and away from your house while preventing blockages.

A micro-mesh gutter guard is one of the most efficient gutter guards available. LeafFilter’s mesh, in particular, is so fine that it can catch tiny debris such as shingle grit and pollen. The company uses a uPVC frame that can easily match your gutters’ size. This frame is also durable, preventing the guard from warping or deteriorating over time because of weather.

For added support, LeafFilter uses hidden structural hangers. These are installed in your existing gutters and attached to your fascia board, or the board that runs along the outer edge of your roof and covers the roofline.

LeafFilter’s gutter guards come with a transferable lifetime warranty. If your LeafFilter gutter protection system gets clogged or damaged, LeafFilter will provide repairs or a refund. However, the warranty has some limitations , so we encourage you to read it closely. We’ve listed some of the most significant limitations and exclusions below. 

LeafFilter follows a standard installation process for its gutter protection systems. First, a LeafFilter specialist conducts a free in-home inspection to determine if there are any problems with your existing gutters or areas of concern. 

On installation day, LeafFilter’s technicians remove any damaged or ineffective gutters. The team then cleans and preps your gutter system for installation. This process includes removing debris and checking for properly sealed seams, the correct pitch and signs of damage on your home.

Finally, the team installs the LeafFilter gutter protection system. LeafFilter’s installations take a few hours to a full day, depending on your home’s size. Once the installation is complete, LeafFilter removes all materials and answers any of your remaining questions. 

LeafFilter’s gutter guards start at $17 per linear foot. However, the cost of LeafFilter may increase up to $43 per linear foot depending on your home’s pitch, the number of stories and any surrounding obstacles. This price includes both materials and labor. For example, a professional installation of LeafFilter’s gutter protection system for a home with 150 to 200 linear feet of gutters costs between $2,650 and $6,300. 

When you request a quote from LeafFilter, the company sends a representative to your home to assess your property. This representative will provide a detailed quote, which is good for up to one year. 

LeafFilter has an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).* The company also has a positive customer review score on the site. Many customers praise LeafFilter’s gutter covers for making their gutter maintenance effortless. They also applaud the company’s professional and friendly customer support team. 

Critical reviews mention experiencing issues with LeafFilter’s guards after heavy downpours. Some customers also misunderstood that gutter guards do not eliminate the need for gutter cleaning and maintenance, leading them to rate the company low.

We reached out to LeafFilter about its negative customer review remarks and did not receive a response. Read some of LeafFilter’s BBB reviews for yourself below: 

“Everything about our experience was quick and easy. Installation was [the] next day following [our] home visit estimate. We were first on their list that day and completion took half the time expected. The product quality and efficiency is amazing. No more water overflowing [from our] gutters [and sheeting] down the kitchen windows .” —Donna W. via BBB

“There was an error made during the installation of my LeafFilter where a section of gutter was missed, however as soon as the error was discovered and reported, It was immediately corrected by courteous, attentive employees. The service was top notch and both employees I dealt with were very courteous and respectful to me.” —Linda B. via BBB

“I had the [LeafFilter] system installed in my home a few days ago. Yesterday [there] was [a] heavy downpour and water was spewing out of the joint between the gutter and downspout. I called to ask if someone [could] come out and fix the issue. They said the soonest they could have somebody come out here would be over a month from now.” —Mollie B. via BBB

“I have had LeafFilter since December of 2019. Their ads claim the gutters will never have to be cleaned again … I have had to clean my gutters three times this year (2022). I am also concerned that the debris that accumulates will cause damage to my [fascia] boards.” —Floyd L. via BBB

*BBB information is accurate as of June 2022.

If you want a top-notch professional installation for a gutter protection system, we recommend LeafFilter. The company uses high-quality materials to provide micro-mesh gutter guards that easily compete with similar offerings from other professional gutter guard installers. LeafFilter also follows a thorough installation process and offers a decent warranty. 

If you’re interested in a company with more discounts, you may want to consider All American Gutter Protection. In addition, some gutter guards, such as HomeCraft, are better suited for large leaves. 

Use our tool below to request a free estimate from LeafFilter.

LeafFilter’s average cost is between $17 and $43 per linear foot. This price includes materials and labor. 

Depending on the snowfall and climate in your area, you may want to remove gutter guards in winter. Gutter guards can cause ice dams and snow buildup, which can then damage your gutters and home. 

Yes, LeafFilter works during heavy rain, but it doesn’t perform as well as it typically would. Heavy rain may cause more wet debris to get stuck on top of your gutter guards, which can, in turn, prevent water from flowing as efficiently as usual.

Gutter guards drastically reduce how often you need to clean your gutters. We recommend checking your gutter guards annually to see if they require cleaning. 

No, LeafFilter does not come in black. However, it comes in various other colors to match your home’s appearance, including white, gray, brown and beige.

The Home Media reviews team aims to provide factual, well-researched reviews by researching consumers’ primary concerns and ranking gutter guard companies on objective, relevant factors.

We scored gutter guard providers on a 100-point scale based on hundreds of hours of research using the following factors. We then divided the points earned for each provider’s final score on a 5-point scale. Note that DIY gutter guard companies received a reduced point value in some categories since they provide products to homeowners but do not offer professional installation and gutter repair services. 

During our research process, we secret-shopped each company to obtain unbiased quotes and learn about pricing, payment options, product specifications and additional benefits. We also spoke to customer service representatives over the phone, asking questions to gauge their knowledge and helpfulness. We repeated this process online for applicable providers to get a sense of the digital shopping experience.

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