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2022-06-28 17:51:19 By : Mr. Johnson Zeng

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by: Erica Redding, BestReviews Staff

by: Erica Redding, BestReviews Staff

If you have an inside cat, you want it to have a litter that reduces odor and stays in the box. Clumping litter binds together and cleans up easily from your cat’s box. It creates lumps in the clay or natural material it’s made of when urinated on, allowing quick removal.

However, there are several out there to choose from, and it can be hard to find the right one. If you are looking for an affordable, odor-controlling litter, Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter is the top choice. 

Before you decide on which litter you should use, there are a few things to consider.

These are the two types of clumping litter. 

Clumping litter comes in several forms that can be easily used in regular or self-cleaning litter boxes. The consistency of it varies according to the type of litter. Wood litter with larger pieces may jam an auto-sifting box, but clay litter has smaller pieces. Corn litter is fine compared to other litters and can be easily sifted through to remove excrement. 

Clumping litter minimizes mess and keeps the rest of your cat’s litter fresh between uses. This is why a litter that clumps immediately and holds it together during removal is ideal. 

If you have multiple cats in your home, a clumping litter is also ideal. Your cats may require multiple boxes, however, you have the chance to minimize mess with a clumping litter. It keeps their urine intact and prevents it from mixing together, minimizing odor. 

Clumping reduces odor, but many litters that clump also include extra odor eliminators to further reduce unwanted smells. Carbon, baking soda and activated charcoal are blended into many litters to maximize odor control.  

Cat litter has an assortment of lavender, Febreze and other scents to freshen the air in and around your cat’s box. However, scents often include chemicals that may not be suitable for all people or pets. Many natural litters, without chemicals, are unscented and still reduce the odor in your home. 

Cat litter is packaged in several ways and can be easily stored in its given container. Find it boxed, bagged or in a plastic container with a handle for easy pour. If your brand doesn’t come in a resealable package, use food storage containers to prevent other animals or insects from ruining fresh litter. 

When litter starts to break down, there can be issues with dust. This can give you and your pet unwanted coughing fits or leave behind an unnecessary mess. Look for litter with minimal dust to keep the air in your home clean and fresh. 

Certain brands have litter options that can be flushed in the toilet. They are safe for your plumbing and eliminate the need for dumping waste into your trashcan. This type of litter is biodegradable and will break down easily in any environment. 

Enough litter to fill your cat’s box will cost around $10-$30.

A. Yes, it is safe for all, including kittens, adult cats, elderly and declawed cats. 

A. One of the main benefits of clumping litter is that you can change it less often. To keep it clean and your cat healthy, change out litter once a month. If you have multiple cats, change it once every two weeks. 

A. No. Although it may save you on litter and your cat is likely smart enough to learn, you should not train them to use the toilet. Using the toilet goes against your cat’s natural instincts to bury their excrement and can lead to behavioral issues.  

Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter

What you need to know: This is a popular brand’s top-of-the-line litter that clumps together and eliminates odor. 

What you’ll love: Used for single or multi-cat households because of its Febreze-clean scent and clumping ability. It creates small tight clumps that are easy to remove during cleanings and includes activated carbon to help it last 50% longer than other litters. 

What you should consider: A few customers have reported the chemical scent to be too strong for their household. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

okocat Natural Wood Clumping Litter

What you need to know: This is a natural, healthy litter made from wood that absorbs liquid and immediately clumps together.

What you’ll love: This is a less-mess litter with larger pieces that are difficult to track outside the litter box. It can be used in a multi-cat household and keeps the smell to a minimum. A single small box will last one cat two months before it needs to be replaced. 

What you should consider: The breakdown of the wood causes some dust to build at the bottom of the litter box over time. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Smartcat All Natural Clumping Litter

What you need to know: Another natural option, this biodegradable clumping litter is free of harmful chemicals.

What you’ll love: This litter is a natural grass alternative to clumping litter and minimizes odor. Your air and the area around the litter box will stay clean because this brand is 99% dust-free. It is safe for all cats including kittens and declawed cats. 

What you should consider: This is an expensive option compared to other litters, and a few people who used this reported that it attracted insects. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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